Grow + Expand + Include = _____

Two conversations and one passive event, across time and context have created a cerebral reaction and impacted my perspective on the World. Individually, these events had little impact. However, together they have guided how I choose to interact with the people I encounter. Here are those deconstructed events:

  • During a business meeting a few years ago a client referenced a book he was reading. I do not recall the book, but I am now inspired to find it. This client specializes in Lawn & Garden. He referenced how this book points out that there is only Growth (Life) or Decay (Death). This is true for plants, our bodies and essentially everything we encounter. We are either growing or regressing. We are either creating Life or experiencing death. This may sound morbid, but it makes so much sense to me. That conversation has stuck with me for years…
  • A few weeks ago during a conversation someone referenced a Family member who is involved in marijuana production & sales. They discussed various encounters with the law, “friends”, family and several challenging situations due to circumstance. The memorable portion of this discussion was when they said, this Family member (and others like them) are cutting things out of their Life. They have a warrant in Kansas, so they cut that state out. They aren’t accepted by this Family member, so they cut them out. They are afraid of these people, so they cut them out. Eventually, over time, they box themselves in. Most people expand their lives, know more people, experience new places and add things. This person continues to cut things out of their Life and narrow it down every single day, one action at a time. Interesting…
  • Scrolling through facebook today I came across this video in a post. The video is from “Relationship Rules” and listed 5 people to avoid. Avoid people who mess with your head, intentionally hurt you and so on. Typically I would have liked this and moved on. Life is too short to waste time on “these people” right? I’m not so sure…

As I watched the video today it hit me…I do not want to avoid people. I want to reach people, know people, help people, LOVE people…ALL people, even if they want to “avoid” me. I don’t want to narrow my Life. I don’t want to cut anyone out. I want to expand and ADD to my Life. I choose Growth. I choose Life. I am ALIVE and I am here for a purpose. I may not necessarily know what that purpose is, but I have a purpose and so do you. Choose Growth. Expand your Life and Include EVERYONE.

Now, let’s go be good people.

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