Insert YOUR catch phrase here

I LOVE motivation, inspiration and passion! Who doesn’t? These are the healthy ingredients of Life that make it taste so good! This stuff can come from a lot of places…anywhere actually.

However, a lot of people and companies are influenced by external forces. Seth Godin writes some amazing blog posts. Gary Vaynerchuk delivers some powerful videos. Tim Ferriss does it all more effectively and in less time. Heck even Dale Carnegie has helped me win friends and influence people.

BUT…they don’t work with me! They don’t sit next to me. They don’t literally, physically make a difference where I do my work! These external influencers are great and they DO help, but what we need are more INTERNAL influencers! I bet your business needs them too! We need more ACTUAL leaders to pull the mission forward and lead by example…from the front! We don’t need more people to share the Boss/Leader hieroglyphic image. We need more people to actually BE that person in the front pulling everyone else forward!

So…what is YOUR catch phrase? What is YOUR content? What is YOUR distribution method? HOW are YOU making your colleagues, company, market, industry and the World better?

Don’t just share someone else’s motivational message. GO BE INSPIRING! We all need you to do it. Right now!

Start anywhere!

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