One Conversation

Today began like many others. I lost the battle of will power to get up early to run. I made it out on time and then hit the somehow surprising traffic with my morning commute. In fact, it was a sub-average morning.

However, as I sit here I am exceeding capacity with inspiration and enthusiasm. I want to make a difference. I want to open your eyes and mind. I want to change the World.

So what happened?

One conversation. That is what happened. One conversation that started like many others. One coffee meeting that could’ve gone in infinite directions. We could’ve talked about our weekends or football or complained about Monday or whatever. The content of the meeting is actually irrelevant. The outcome is what matters. I left inspired, motivated and determined to use this as fuel for my day, for my Life.

Since that conversation I have written this post. I complemented someone. I inserted myself into a conversation that helped to lift people up. I believe none of that would have happened if it weren’t for that one conversation. ONE conversation that has already created multiple positive outcomes before 10:00am. How is that for a return on investment?

So what is that conversation for YOU today? How can you turn an average meeting into high-octane fuel to change the World one small act or moment at a time? How will you find and create opportunity from these mundane Monday moments?

You have as much opportunity as anyone else. Sometimes all it takes is one conversation.

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