Check yourself

Dear Jeff,

You are not the smartest person in the room. If you think you are, your mind is closed and you are not learning.

You have not earned the right to interrupt anyone. When you do, you tell others you don’t value them as much as yourself and that causes others to lose respect for you.

It is possible to hear without listening. If you are thinking of your next point, waiting for the next pause to jump in, you are not collaborating. You are trying to grandstand. Always listen and take time to think before you speak.

If you wonder why someone else is in the room, wonder why you are.

Before you are compelled to offer “constructive criticism”, ask for it for yourself.

In addition to taking notes to make your points, take notes on what others do to contribute well. Use this to better yourself and be sure to compliment them at the completion of the meeting.

Compliment people more, everyday. They love it as much as you do, maybe even more.

You don’t always have to be the center of attention, know your position and play it better than anyone else, ever.

Don’t be late! Damn it Jeff, don’t be late! You are not important enough for other people to wait on.

Be proud, be confident, but more importantly be humble. Have some humility because no one wants to work with someone who overvalues themselves.

You will fall short on these and so many other things. You are not perfect and you never will be. However, your will power is strong and you are one of the most relentless, determined people on the planet. Be a difference maker and change the World.

…and always remember to check yourself.

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